I was impressed and surprised that they could demystify and pull back the curtain on a lot of this SEO stuff that previously I thought you needed to be a specialist for. Their step-by-step approach really broke down the different areas and allowed me to implement it very easily!

I was able to take this course and implement the strategies while running the day-to-day operations of my business. We’ve substantially increased the number of leads and we’re looking to expand into additional markets!

Greg Macchia, Founder of Clean Conscience

We’ve implemented all of the strategies and I am now on the first page of Google! We’re getting about 7-10 phone calls a day. It’s really fun and exciting as a business owner to go into the office on a daily basis and hear those phone calls come in and know that they are a direct result of all of the strategies that we’ve implemented from the course.

This course has dramatically transformed my business and I would highly recommend it to any local business owner trying to grow their business!

Ali Walker, Attorney at Walker Law

I have my website on the first page and it’s actually in the first three slots on Google. I’m not paying for pay per click anymore, so I’m saving $20,000! So right there I’ve made my money back just by buying this course. I can expand to more sites and can do whatever I want because I feel like I’m expert on SEO now.

I’m very happy and very pleased. I would do this again! And for any small business owner I would recommend this course. It will change your life. It will change your business.

Dan Kolbaba, Owner of Denver Party Ride

Before the Rise Up Local course, we were at zero on Google. Google did not even know who we were and in investment real estate, that is not a good thing to have!

After the Rise Up Local course, we went to #1 on the Google Maps position in Houston and Phoenix for local search!

This course gave us both a basic understanding of how local search engine optimization works and the importance of it for your business growth. I highly recommend Rise Up Local if you are looking to get into SEO and you are looking to grow your business in any market.

Adam Winters, Co-founder of Offer Climb

Pete Averson

The results speak for themselves. Just search for the keyword “boulder commercial real estate” in Google and you’ll find my business at the top of page one in the map listings and very high up on the organic search results. The leads are pouring in everyday now. This course helped me even the playing field against larger competitors. Thanks so much Josh and Matt! What an outstanding course.

Pete Averson, Founder of Boulder Commercial Real Estate

Jason Koblin

I had decent grasp on SEO before taking Rise Up Local’s SEO course, but their insider secrets truly took my game to the next level! My lead traffic has increased significantly, making this one of the best investments I’ve made into my business.

Jason Koblin, Founder of MechaDigital

Dave Smith

I signed up for Rise Up Local’s SEO instructional videos because I wanted to increase my web site’s exposure via higher visibility when searching for specific key words related to my site’s offerings. The organization of the course material was well laid out, instructive and guided me through the steps required to determine the best keywords, fine tune potential hit ratios, and how to incorporate this information into my site. I found the content informative, instructional and delivered with levity that kept me engaged and entertained, while learning at the same time. Highly recommended!

Dave Smith, Founder of Wineclubz

Nate Camacho

Matt and Josh’s course is well detailed explaining the different topics around local SEO without making you feel overwhelmed or confused. The course has a great step-by-step approach that can help you start doing local SEO for your business in no time even if you don’t have any prior SEO knowledge or skill. It is by far one of the most valuable local SEO course to date. Definitely a must have for any serious local business owner who wants to dominate the digital space.

Nate Marx, Founder of Online Marketing Magnet

John Anderson

Before taking the Rise Up Local Course we were sitting at the bottom of the first page of Google for over a year. We hired numerous SEO companies and freelancers but no one was able to give us any meaningful results. That’s when we decided to take action into our own hands. We purchased the Rise Up Local course, followed the step by step plans, and within 2 months we moved up to position #1 in our city. The results have been life changing in the tune of tens of thousands of dollars a week.

John Anderson, Founder of Severe Weather Roofing

Corey Tyner

Consistent lead flow is so critical for our business. We decided to give the Rise Up Local course a shot after our lead supplier started charging us upwards to $380 per lead. My business partner and I knew nothing about SEO, but we just implemented the tactics that Josh and Matt taught in the course. In 5 months, we reached the top of Google search in two different cities, and no longer have to pay for leads! This course has opened up new possibilities for us as we are looking to expand in 5 more cities next year!

Corey Tyner, Co-founder of Offer Climb

John Hardy

Epic Adventures use to host the most amazing summer camp programs that no one knew about! It was frustrating to see our competitors sell out of their programs year after year as we struggled to get awareness only because they ranked high on the first page of Google. That all changed after we purchased the Rise Up Local course. We used the SEO strategies from the course to rank on the first page of Google for over 45 keywords. The results were incredible. We had over 120 campers sign up compared to only 30 last year. Good things happen when you show up #1 in the Google search results. I highly recommend this course!

John Hardy, Founder of Epic Adventures

Thomas Ingle

This course has completely changed the way we think about marketing and lead generation for our business. Over the last two years we hired 3 SEO agencies before finally throwing in the towel on SEO. These companies were taking our money each month, but were not delivering on their promise of higher rankings. I was skeptical when we were first introduced to the Rise Up Local course because I thought SEO was something that only highly skilled SEO companies could do. The Rise Up Local course was super easy to follow and understand even for a non-technical person like me. After implementing the strategies from the course we are now getting 60 to 70 more leads each month. This puts us on track to increase revenue by 40% while decreasing our advertising costs by over 70%.

Thomas Ingle, Founder of Apartment Pros

Zach Williams

This is one of the truly great resources for learning how to not only rank well on search engines but​ also grow your business using the web. It’s packed with tactics and strategies that are not only easy to understand but easy to implement as well. I found it SUPER helpful and would highly recommend it to anyone looking to improve their local search rankings.

Zach Williams, Founder of Venveo